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Intrinsically Safe Capacitive Sensors

Intrinsically safe capacity and conductivity sensors are used in many applications where it is necessary to switch at limit levels or where it is needed to continuously scan level. Area of application of these devices is relatively wide and is located wherever you can not use the principle of measuring the hydrostatic pressure. These are substances with high density, bulk materials, aggressive compounds, oils, solvents, paints, fluids with interface of two different substances and this interface is required to indicate, eventually substances with excessive heat. Also, application of these sensors appear to be more economical option compared to conventional tenzometers. The advantage of conductivity versus capacitive sensors is their independence from the measured conductivity of the substance. The sensors are designed as one or two electrode. Sensor with one electrode is using wall containers, pipes, etc. made of metal as a second electrode. When using containers of non-conductive material is necessary to use a sensor with two electrodes.

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