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Intrinsically Safe Power Supplies

Intrinsically safe power supply is designed to supply intrinsically safe equipment located in explosive hazardous areas. Devices do not have any other input and output circuits, or they have them ensured in another way. In this case it must be ensured that the total energy on that interface does not exceed the maximum allowed power for the device.

These facts are based on applicable standards in particular EN 60079-0 and 60079 - 11. The maximum values of each device are shown in certificates of intrinsically safety.

A typical example of incorrect use of intrinsically safe source is e.g. current loop 4-20 mA (pressure sensors, temperature, etc.). And direct connection of its output to processing device that is not certified for intrinsically safe circuits. For this application it is necessary to use an insulator - barrier - isolating amplifier. For example, type MM 5041 .. Zener barrier or MM 7087 + etc.

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