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Pressure measuring

Common requirement in many industrial fields is pressure measuring of media necessary for the making of final product. As with measuring of the height of level it is possible to divide measuring as extreme and continuous. Pressure is physical value, usually symbolised by ‘p’ (from English pressure), expressing rate between the size of  volume  F  which actuates vertically  on plane surface equally and continuously  distributed to this surfaces, therefore on the surface of this area S. If pressure in a sealed container is higher than pressure in an outside environment, than  there is overpressure in the container. If on the contrary the pressure is lower than there is vacuum. Pressure measuring is further divided into measuring of a relative pressure, related to immediate value of barometric pressure and into measuring of absolute pressure  related to vacuum- to an absolute pressure zero. For limited pressure measuring  it is air-pressure switch being used  and for continuous measuring it is so called pressure transductor . Measuring principles  can be mechanical or electronic.  It depends on required conditions for measuring, required accuracy, temperature etc.